June 2007 Online Prize Draw

The ORU June 2007 Online Prize Draw:  Drawn July 8th 2007 at 4 pm.

$2,000 1st prize, S Porter (NSW);

$1,000 2nd prize, J Rogers (NSW);

$500 3rd prize, M Tihic (Qld).

15 $100 prize winners M. Jacobs (SA); M. Istermann (NSW); J. Jones (QLD); J.Gimm (QLD); Adele (surname withheld) (QLD); C. Ambrose (NSW); M Thies (NSW); S.Dahdah (VIC); A. Karmio (NSW); Leah Wheeler (TAS); K.Thomas (VIC); T.Blakey (VIC); R. Browning (VIC), R. Alder (NSW) and G Elliott (WA).