The ORU Incentive Policy

As a sign of appreciation for participation in our surveys, we offer a wide range of incentives including our regular $5,000 cash prize draw, shopping gift cards, movie vouchers, charitable donations and great prizes such as Apple I-pods, premium wines and island holidays.

Incentives are not offered to participants less than 18 years of age.  Should a person under the age of 18 participate with parental supervision in a survey, incentives must be awarded to the child’s parent or guardian. Prizes involving alcohol are not offered to people under 18 years of age.

$5000 Cash Prize Draw

The ORU offers a bi-monthly prize draw of $5,000 to survey participants who are Australian and New Zealand residents. We are required to apply for the necessary lottery permits from the States and Territories prior to the beginning of the trade promotion.

$2000 Voucher Draws

On top of our $5,000 cash prize draw, we offer a second draw of gift vouchers to the value of $2,000. Winners of the second draw will have the choice of vouchers and/or gift cards from leading retailers such as Coles Group & Myer, Westfield, Caltex and Bunnings Hardware.

For each survey you participate in you will be receive entries in BOTH PRIZE DRAWS.

Click on the links within our website to read the Terms and Conditions of our monthly draws and to also to see a list of previous winners. Please note that New Zealand residents are only eligible for cash prizes to the value of $1,000.

Prizes are not available to residents outside Australia & New Zealand.

Gift Cards & Vouchers

Shopping vouchers, movie vouchers and gift cards are often used as an incentive for survey participation. For Australian residents we prefer to use Coles Myer Gift cards as they can be redeemed in a wide range of stores Australia wide.

If you are awarded an incentive you will be sent email notification after the completion of the project to verify your mailing address to which we will send your incentive. We only capture your mailing details for the purpose of sending your incentive.

Charitable Donation.

As a way of thanking our panel members for their ongoing support a donation of $1,000 will be made to the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia. To view a copy of a previous donation please click here.

If you are a cash winner in our monthly prize draw and request that your personal winnings are given to charity we will ask you to elect a charity. A copy of the receipt will be emailed to you or sent to your home address.

How incentives are paid

Incentives are mailed out to your specified postal address. If you are a lucky prize winner of our monthly prize draw we will send an email to confirm address details in order to send your prize. New Zealand panel members will have their incentive sent via a Western Union money transfer. We require you provide sufficient ID (drivers license or passport) to confirm your identity when you collect your winnings.

Survey points and fraudulent activity

To be entitled the points for survey completion we expect panel members to answer surveys honestly and not skim through survey without consideration to responses.

We may do data checks to determine any issues with survey completion.

Panellist may be forcibly removed if we detect fraudulent behaviour.

Records of Incentives

If you are entitled to an incentive we will send an email to you. Our site has a list of the monthly prize winners from our monthly prize draw.

Our website also allows you to access information about incentives owed to you and also to track the amount of prize draws which have been allocated to you for the current month. Click on the “Your Monthly Entries” tab on this website and enter your ID and email details.

Dispute resolution

Fair and equitable treatment of all panel members is important to us and our incentive process strives to achieve this. If you have any queries about incentives owed to you or other concerns or disputes relating to our incentive policy please email us at

If you are inquiring about a cheque or money transfer owed to you, we will need to verify your personal details and confirm with our Finance Department that the cheque or money has not been presented (cashed).  We appreciate your patience on this.

Continual Improvement

This incentive policy statement outlines The ORU’s commitment to meet industry standards.

The policy may be reviewed and amended as part of the continual improvement process of The ORU Quality Management System.