6171a Online Prize Draw


Method of Entry:

Panel members will be invited via email to participate in one of our online surveys and then need to answer the relevant survey questions to be part of the prize draw. Prize draw entries will vary from each project and respondents will be informed how many prize draw entries they will receive for completing each survey prior to commencement. Respondents who “screen out” or fall into a “quota full” locations will have one entry in the prize draw.

Prize Details: The total value of prizes is $1000. There will be five gift voucher prizes of the value of $200 each. Gift cards cannot be for the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, gambling products, online payment vouchers, other gift cards and cannot be used to withdraw cash.

Promotion commences 11 March 2024
Entries close 15th April 2024
The draw will take place on 22nd April 2024 at The ORU, Darling Park, Level 8 – 201 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.

The prize draw will be drawn electronically using an approved random number generating system. The major prize will be drawn first and other prizes drawn in descending order of value. The winners will be notified by email within 2 days of the draw.

The Trader is: The Online Research Unit Pty Ltd (ABN 70092417840), Darling Park, Level 8 – 201 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. Permits not required by South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria and we comply by the terms & conditions of those states. Prizes are not available to residents outside Australia & New Zealand.

The promoter may conduct such further draws at the same place as the original draw as is necessary in order to distribute a prize if unclaimed three months after the first draw. The draw is to be from the previous draw’s total number with the previous prize winners’ numbers removed. Redraw winners will be notified by email. The results will be posted on our website.

If the winner of the prize is under 18 years the prize will be awarded to the winner’s parent or guardian. The promoter The ORU abides by the Codes of Professional Behaviour of the Market Research Society of Australia. The identities of the participants will not be disclosed to any third party other than for the purpose of announcing the winners and will not be used for any non-research purpose. Participating in this research is entirely voluntary and no purchase is necessary in order to enter the prize draw.

November 2023 Online Prize Winners

C. Xymitidis (SA), K.Jones (QLD), F. Zhang (WA), P. Box (VIC), D. Anderson (VIC), S. L. Hang (VIC), P. Saffell (SA), C. Bartolic (NSW), K. Colebatch (SA) & R. Skewes (SA).

October 2023 Online Prize Winners

M. Kroon (VIC), W. Pitts (WA), K. Murphy (VIC), A. Parker (VIC), F. Callisto (WA), N. Clark (NSW), S. Davis (NT), K. Stawiarski (VIC), L. Harrison (VIC), M. Bylsma (QLD) & B. Kramer (NSW).

September 2023 Online Prize Winners

T. Kruger (SA), C. Ruduvo (WA), J. Wong (QLD), J. Skrzypek (NSW), S. Dunkerley (QLD), L. Artini (SA), C. Kalmar (VIC), J. Podgoetsky (NSW), C. Laws (WA) & S.Backshall (WA).

August 2023 Online Prize Winners

A. Ling (VIC), E. Kloas (QLD), K. Whitbourne (QLD), S. Neary (QLD), J. Chen (NSW), P. Squire (SA), R. Goodman (NSW), T. Nelson (VIC), W. Phelps (NSW), G. Maybury (NSW) & C. Dunn (QLD).

July 2023 Online Prize Winners

K. Smilas (NSW), V. Spencer (QLD), R. Lee (QLD), V. Kaur (VIC), A. Winter (QLD), S. Saredakis (SA), W. Lin (VIC), J. Bracher (VIC), J. Hobbs (SA)& C. Cremona (VIC).

June 2023 Online Prize Winners

June 2023 Online Prize Winners:

K. Souksavath (VIC), S. Liew (NSW), G. Evans (NSW), N. Standen (NSW), K. Rands (NSW), Nina (NSW), G. Couts (ACT), M. Smith (QLD), M. Berry (VIC), L. Bloustien (QLD) & N. Cordon (WA).

May 2023 Online Prize Winners

May 2023 Online Prize Winners:

G. Mckenna (QLD), G. Nicolle (SA), G. Dibella (VIC), D. Spencer (NSW), P. Basic (QLD), D. Sokvari (SA), M. Goetz (VIC), A. Smith (TAS), S. Sertis (WA) & Z. Goldstein (NSW).

April 2023 Online Prize Winners

F. Warren (NSW), D. Triffitt (TAS), E. Davis (QLD), H. Kumar (NSW), A. Boreham (QLD), J. Sadiq (NSW), R. Jenkins (VIC), Y. Hu (NSW), B. F. Teow (NSW), A. Basak (SA) & N. Hoffmann (WA).

March 2023 Online Prize Winners

M. Gualtieri (VIC), J. Thompson (VIC), J. Bennie (SA), C. Wang (NSW), K. Stawiarski (VIC), S. D’Mello (NSW), J. Schmit (QLD), C. Harris (WA), B. Scott (QLD) & K. Russell (QLD).

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